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Planning Process

Let's get into the vision you have for your event

Initiate your booking experience with a laid-back initial consultation. Together, we engage in conversations about music, flow, and your vision. This phase is dedicated to addressing any queries you may have and shaping a foundational package that aligns with your requirements.

Once your booking is confirmed, our online music request system becomes your hub for customization. Specify songs as “Must Play,” “Play If Possible,” or “Do Not Play.” We proactively monitor the system, offering insights and assistance as required.

Leading up to the event, we prioritize effective communication. Whether through phone calls, texts, or Zoom meetings, we engage in collaborative discussions to fine-tune every detail. Additionally, we exchange Spotify playlists, allowing us to understand your preferences and tailor the music selection to perfectly suit the ambiance you desire. This interactive and dynamic process ensures that, as the event approaches, we are fully aligned with your vision, guaranteeing a musical experience that surpasses expectations.

For larger events, around three to four weeks before the scheduled date, we reconvene to thoroughly review all details. This pivotal meeting lays the groundwork for crafting a personalized, flexible itinerary. Drawing from our discussions and music requests, we collaborate seamlessly with your venue or planner, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and we are ready to rock the day of your event!